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AT&T/ DirecTV Day One Announce


How does AT&T announce its merger/partnership with DirecTV to spark excitement and showcase just how the two companies plan to change the future for its customers?


I began by reviewing & breakdown the future company's offerings.  There was a strong focus on DirecTV being the entertainment solution for AT&T and the breadth of content it offered.


Created a high-energy, content-rich spot that could span an omnichannel marketing campaign to announce the companies' partnership, while creating a larger-than-life buzz around the future potential for customers.

TV Spot

Created a TV spot to run on various paid media placements.  The spot was made using the top entertainment titles that DirecTV was promoting at the time. The main spot was cut to be a thirty-second spot and then cut down from there.  This is the fifteen second cut down.

Home Page Takeover

We developed a home page takeover.  Wrap was designed to emulated the actual Time Square takeover announcement that was included in the paid media plan.

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