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Florida Blue Newsletters


How can the Customer Journey team effectively inform and update the Florida Blue enterprise of journey projects, research, and performance on a standardized cadence?  This communication must be easily digestible while still providing the capability for the user to get access to more details when available.


I began researching the enterprise capabilities, restrictions, and firewall limitations around delivering enterprise communications.  Once the method of delivery was confirmed and approved, concept brainstorming began alongside further research focused on enterprise goals, leadership informational preferences, and access to necessary data sources.


I produce a quarterly e-newsletter that is distributed across the Florida Blue enterprise, and I also produce a short annual highlight video to celebrate the team's accomplishments from the previous year.  I create these unique creative pieces all from scratch, they are designed following the Florida Blue brand guidelines, I write all of the content from top to bottom, and maintain the CMS database where all long-form content and additional informational materials live.

E-newsletter Layout & Design

Each quarterly newsletter is designed with a zigzag layout to improve readability, and each piece of artwork is created specifically for each component to ensure weighting with content.


The design follows the established Florida Blue brand guidelines and takes inspiration from some of the latest design elements developed for other digital experiences I developed on the corporate website.

All of the copy for the newsletters is written in playful, layman's language and highlights the key takeaways using a careful use of typography weighting. This allows for a quick read for our leaders that have limited time, but love the great numbers we are producing.

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