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Netflix's Arrested Development


Netflix brought back FOX's hit show Arrested Development as one of their first original series.  How could Netflix pump up the show's fan base to build hype, expand membership opportunities, and set the stage as Netflix being a quality original content creator? 


Digging into the original FOX's series fan base and rewatch hours of the original show, we developed an extensive list of memorable, loved iconic show moments.  From here we narrowed the list to items that we could transform into amusing single sets of imagery to spark fans' memories while piquing the interest of future fans.

From here, I focused on generating partner marketing sponsorship opportunities with potential partners excited about Netflix bringing back the show.


Developed a teaser campaign across a multitude of partner-sponsored, fan-heavy placements.  Directing the development of dozens of teaser, fan-loved creative marketing imagery, interactive experiences, and exclusive content for our partners, we ensured every fan and future fan was excited for the show's resurrection.

The teaser campaign used a classic color scheme from the show (prison jumpsuit orange) with a mixture of the new key artwork being used in our paid media campaigns. 

Interactive Experience

In partnership with Microsoft Xbox, I directed the design of a fully interactive experience to tease out the new Netflix Original series.  The final product was a full microsite on the Xbox console's dashboard that allowed users to watch exclusive content, play an Arrested Development Trivia game, enjoy hidden Easter eggs, and more.

Xbox Arrested Development_0.25x.png

Homepage Takeovers & Social Media

Developed tailored-made marketing materials for Netflix's partners' sponsored homepage takeovers and exclusive social media postings. Inspired by the teaser artwork for the new series and playing with memorable plot points from the original FOX series, we created a variety of playful creative to entice fans and newcomers alike to prepare for the upcoming series release.

Device mock-ups_0.25x.png

Digital Marketing

Directed the creation of a multitude of digital marketing and publicity pieces directed at fans and newcomers.  These included animated banners, playful static banners, publicity articles, and e-newsletters.

Arrested Development_artwork_0.3x_0.3x_0.3x.png

Digital Wallpaper

Created digital wallpaper for mobile app stores.  The wallpaper was designed to scroll/slide with the user's touch of the screen.  This encourage Netflix's app installs and increased membership views of the series.

Windows phone_0.25x.png
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