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How can Florida Blue (a Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliate) provide members and prospective members with a simple experience to help answer priority questions in a quick and easy-to-understand way?


Competitive research was conducted, looking at how other companies (insurance, consumer technology, and more) were providing education and self-service assistance to their potential members.  The research focused on experiences that were easy to navigate and provided users with straightforward answers and pathways to take the next steps.

From here, I developed an extensive mindmap of priority topics and content that could easily be mapped to six primary categories.  This mindmap would be the basis for future logic mapping and helped in the design concepting.


Developed an unauthenticated, branded self-service experience that was built on the foundation of six simple-to-understand categories.  The experience features an analytically driven top trending topics carousal for first-time users looking for frequently asked questions, as well as a simplified "Everything" list view for users that just want to see it all. 

The tool has been recognized by senior leadership to provide impressive annual savings in preventable ER visits, remains in the top 40 searched experience on the site, and is the leading content provider for Florida Blue's SEO improvements.

Brand Design Exploration

Starting with customer research, we were able to gather detailed customer needs and brand naming preferences.  From here we narrowed to our final decision on naming.

I designed several modest concepts for leadership review and critiquing.


Experience Design

The design for the experience was based on the principle of a simplified choice selection.  The original homepage design was centered around six simple-to-understand categories that would begin the user's journey.  The content would be short, easy to digest, and provide a path for the user to take the next steps where possible.  The design elements were based on the latest brand guidelines and systems' library components.


We developed a templatized structure that would scale as more content was created, and was flexible enough that enhanced could be made and in production through a daily content push.

BA_Device mock-ups_0.25x.png

 Animated Branding

Developed an animated logo for use in leadership presentations and demo videos.  The animation design is a play on the line art and teased the different color execution of the logo.

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