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Real Men Wear Pink

Real Men Wear Pink promo spot

Promo spot

The promo spot was created using documentary footage from a longer video piece.  All the music in the video was locked with the footage's vocal audio in stereo tracks.  This final piece was a small feat of masking my handcuff limitations while developing something powerful enough to introduce the chapter's speaker.

I designed the typography to resembled large paintbrush strokes.  The idea plays off the saying, "Paint the town Pink." Many Breast Cancer organizations across the nation use this very phrase to promote and empower men and women to support Breast Cancer Awareness in their communities and wear their pink ribbons in honor and remembrance.


How can the local chapter of the American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and Real Men Wear Pink organization reach men of Jacksonville and garner their support?


Partnered with Making Stride Against Breast Cancer in Jacksonville to tap into the local connections and find sponsored media and event opportunities where we could target men ages 18-45.


Thanks to a local connection to the MLB Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, we were provided with sponsored media placements on their Jumbotron during the seventh-inning stretch. I cut a short promo spot that played on the Jumbotron to drive interest and encourage men to join and support. We built a tent at the stadium to provide organization information and collect contact information. Hundreds of men from across the community joined and now support Real Men Wear Pink.

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