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How can DVDXpress provide potential partners with essential partnership information, build trust in its brand, and give them contact information to take the next steps?


Partnered the DVDXpress's Head of Sales to understand the most frequently request information from potential partners that helped build trust in the brand and partnership opportunity.  We built a sales strategy process and identified where along this journey partners could most benefit from the reassurnce of these details.


We developed a quality bi-fold brochure that could be physically shared with potential partners.  The brochure hit on the top two questions partners wanted answers to and provided them with all the necessary information for future led generation and follow-ups.

The quality and design of the brochure even encouraged partners to share this information with other local business owners and led to organic, word-of-mouth led generation.

Front cover

The inspiration for the design was to integrate the sharp lines of the "X" against the subtle beauty of flat black and white. I balanced weight the single image allowed for a quick read from the passerby that the company's focus was on providing entertainment.

Front cover-stack_0_edited.jpg

Two Page Spread

The use of geometric, sharp shapes continued to the inside two-page spread.  The brochure led with existing partnership references from strong nationwide brands to demonstrated quality brand trust to reassure potential partners.

The secondary priority was to show off the company's kiosks, its technical specs, and show the simplicity of the partner's commitment.

In addition to the brochure design, I also redesigned the wrap's artwork on the side of the DVDXpress kiosk to elevate the brand, which the client later asked to use as the future machine wrap design.

2-pg spread_0.33x.png

Back cover

The final design for the brochure was to leave the reader with something unique that drew focus to the proper call-to-action, "Contact Us."

Using similar geometric shape inspiration and brand colors, I developed an action shot of buzzing traffic late into the night with a beacon of light guiding the way above a single call-to-action.

Back cover_0_edited.jpg
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